I am a First Header!

I am a Second Header!

I am a Third Header!

And I am a paragraph.

Random.Org A rude hot dog

  1. Homo
  2. Gay
  3. I Like Boys

But how does a line break work?
Probably like this.


This website is screen reader accessible.

Mouse over this sentence...

  I am the night
  I am the fight
  Hear me roar
  As I eat ice
  Rice is nice
  But so is                ice cream
  Do you like my poem           ?????????????????????

I am loud and I am STRONG and I am sexy and I am important and I am whatever the hell this mark formatting element means and I am teeny tiny and secret and cool and hiding and made of soup

And the site builder said, Wow, I am the gay.

In greater depth:

I am a big ol gay, I love men. Wow. I am the gay.

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big example boy .com
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I Am Gay by Me.

Red Title! Red Title!

Porpel Texte

But this time it is the text.

But now there is a BORDER